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Primary School

Learning to bee the best that we can bee!

Support Staff

Throughout the School


MRS Woodward

Mrs Woodward is a multi-talented part-time teacher who works throughout the school! She is very gorgeous and lovely and always has a happy smile!

LIKES: My lovely little boy Austin and being a bit of a nerd!

DISLIKES: Seafood, traffic jams and grumpy people.


Mrs Thomas is usually our year 6 teacher, although she also works throughout the Juniors. Unfortunately, she is currently off work long-term.


LIKES: Spending time with my daughter Alena, waterskiing and holidays.

DISLIKES: Traffic jams, grumpy people and poor punctuation.


Mrs FrancisMrs Francis is one of our lovely teaching assistants, working with individual children to give them extra support with their learning.

LIKES: Chocolate, smiley faces and happy faces

DISLIKES: Spiders, grumpy people and lychees.


Mrs SherringtonMrs Sherrington works part-time supporting children with their reading skills. She is very friendly and smiley.

LIKES: Dogs, eating out and cycling.

DISLIKES: Wet windy days, unkindness and unfairness.