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Primary School

Learning to bee the best that we can bee!


(Millennium Committee Members)

Our MCM is our School Council which was founded in the year 2000, the Millennium year. They meet once a week on a Wednesday lunchtime and discuss ways to make our school a better place and how we as a school can help other people, either in our local community or in the wider world.

We asked our MCM representatives why they wanted to be on the MCM....

Yr 6 MCM Representatives

Izzy:" I wanted to be MCM, because I want to help build a new library and help people be happy. I also wanted to help be comfortable at school and help people with worries." 

Kallum: 'I think I will be a great MCM member because I want to improve the school and help others. I would also like to help the community.'

Eva:'I wanted to be MCM to do my best for the school and help the community thrive.'

Yr 5 MCM Representatives

Ted: I wanted to be MCM, so I could help people. I love nature and can make the school a better place. 

Xanthe:'I joined the MCM to make the school a better place and improve the school in different ways!'

Yr 4 MCM Representatives

Sophia:'I wanted to be MCM, so I could raise money for charities and help raise money to build a new library for the school.'

Parker:"I wanted to be MCM, to help the public and raise money for the homeless."

Yr 3 MCM Representatives

Woody: 'As an MCM member I will improve the school and will also make new friends with the other MCM members.'

Felicity: "I wanted to be an MCM, because i would like to add lots of things to the school."

Infant MCM Representatives

Annelise:" I wanted to be MCM, to make the children happy and help them when they are stuck."

Bobby:" I wanted to be MCM, so I could get involved in making cakes and icing them and because I like Miss Spencer. I think we could improve the school by filling the ponds and making a beehive"