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Primary School

Learning to bee the best that we can bee!


(Millennium Commitee Members)MCM

Our MCM is our School Council which was founded in the year 2000, the Millennium year. They meet once a week on a Thursday lunchtime and discuss ways to make our school a better place and how we as a school can help other people, either in our local community or in the wider world.

We asked our MCM representatives why they wanted to be on the MCM....

Yr 6 MCM Representatives

yr6Our Year 6 MCM representatives are Brooke and Lewis.

Brooke:"I would like to be MCM because now I am in year 6 I have decided I will take responsibility and work my hardest to make the school the best place ever!"

Lewis:"I will be a great MCM because I can make the school a better place than it is already."

Yr 5 MCM Representatives

yr5Our Year 5 MCM representatives are Roxy and Ryan.

Roxy: "I would like to be MCM because I'm really helpful and I want to be able to care more. I also want people to tidy up after themselves."

Ryan: "I think I will be a brilliant MCM representative because I follow the golden rules and I want to make plans for the pirate ship!"


Yr 4 MCM Representatives

yr4Our Year 4 MCM representatives are Wilbur and Molly.

Wilbur:" I will be a good MCM because I will help the school be much more of a better place and listen to others when they need it!"

Molly: "I will be a great MCM because I will help with all the things that the school needs to be done. If there's anything to do I'll be there and will make sure to help."


Yr 3 MCM Representatives

yr3Our Year 3 MCM representatives are Jake and Aniya.

Jake: "I would like to be MCM because people say I am funny, helpful and I understand things."

Aniya: "I would be a great MCM because I want to raise money for charity and help people with cancer."

Infant Representatives

yr2Our Infant MCM representatives are Alby and Ella.

Alby: "I think that I will be a good MCM because I am a really nice boy and I understand others pleads."

Ella: "I would be a great MCM because I want to understand the school more than I already know."