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Primary School

Learning to bee the best that we can bee!

Support Staff

Throughout the School

MRS corbett

We are so excited that Mrs Corbett is BACK after her maternity leave! She is now working part-time and works in various classes throughout the school. Welcome back Mrs Corbett!




MRS Woodward

Mrs Woodward is a multi-talented part-time teacher who works throughout the school! She is very gorgeous and lovely and always has a happy smile!

LIKES: My lovely little boy Austin, drummers and being a bit of a nerd!

DISLIKES: Seafood, traffic jams and grumpy people.



Mrs FrancisMrs Francis is our newest teaching assistant, working with individual children to give them extra support with their learning.

LIKES: Chocolate, smiley faces and happy faces

DISLIKES: Spiders, grumpy people and lychees.


Mrs SherringtonMrs Sherrington works part-time supporting children with their reading skills. She is very friendly and smiley.

LIKES: Dogs, eating out and cycling.

DISLIKES: Wet windy days, unkindness and unfairness.