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Primary School

Learning to bee the best that we can bee!

Our Web Editors

Meet our year six web editors Farah and Callum. These ICT experts are in our year six class and are responsible for maintaining and improving our OUTSTANDING school website!

Farah brookfield

Farah is an ipad fan and her favourite game is 'Shoot the Moon'. Farah is looking forward to being a web editor because she is keen to make some changes to the school website. 

LIKES: Family, art and chocolate

DISLIKES: Rain, spiders and snakes

callum ranaboldo

Callum has his own computer which he keeps in his closet! He is an ICT expert and thinks it will be fun to look after and improve the school website. 

LIKES: Dirt-biking, art and ice-skating 

DISLIKES: Sisters, snakes and spiders