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Primary School

Learning to bee the best that we can bee!


(Millennium Commitee Members)

AllOur MCM is our School Council which was founded in the year 2000, the Millennium year. They meet once a week on a Thursday lunchtime and discuss ways to make our school a better place and how we as a school can help other people, either in our local community or in the wider world.

We asked our MCM representatives why they wanted to be on the MCM....

Yr 6 MCM Representatives

year 6Our Year 6 MCM representatives are Cody and Manon.

Cody: "I wanted to be an MCM because I want to help people and charities.I like helping foodbank as well."

Manon:"I wanted to be an MCM because I like being kind and I want to make people happy and I would like to help people without  families or in need."


Yr 5 MCM Representatives

year 5Our Year 5 MCM representatives are Jamie and Coco.

Jamie:"I wanted to be an MCM because i wanted to help people with cancer and to be cooperative and helpful."

Coco:"I wanted to be an MCM because Ive always dreamed of helping people when I am older and I thought being  the MCM will be the closest at such a young age."




Yr 4 MCM Representatives

year 4Our Year 4 MCM representatives are Rahmeen and Tom.


Rahmeen: "I wanted to be an MCM because I wanted to help the school raise money for people in need." 

Tom:"I wanted to be an MCM because I wanted to get my voice heard and be to the first dyslexic MCM."

Yr 3 MCM Representatives

year 3Our Year 3 MCM representatives are Jacob and Mila.

Jacob: "I wanted to help other people and just be a really kind person."

Mila: "I wanted to be an MCM because i thought i would be a good member of the MCM as I'm helpful, loyal and kind."

Infant Representatives

InfantsOur Infant MCM representatives are Kallum and Matilda.

Kallum: "I wanted to be an MCM because I want to be kind, helpful and help people need."

Matilda: "I wanted to be an MCM because I want to help charities."