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Primary School

Learning to bee the best that we can bee!


(Millennium Commitee Members)

Our MCM is our School Council which was founded in the year 2000, the Millennium year. They meet once a week on a Thursday lunchtime and discuss ways to make our school a better place and how we as a school can help other people, either in our local community or in the wider world.
We asked our MCM representatives why they wanted to be on the MCM....

Yr 6 MCM Representatives

yr6Our Year 6 MCM representatives are Bailey and Holly.

Bailey: I will guide everybody to happiness and I will find out information so that we can make the school a better place.

Holly: I'm helpful, kind, loyal and a good listener. I will think of ideas to help the school and so I will be a good representative.

Yr 5 MCM Representatives

yr5Our Year 5 MCM representatives are Alena and Oscar.

Alena: I will help make the school better and raise funds for different charities.

Oscar: I am nice and helpful and I will listen to everybody's ideas.


Yr 4 MCM Representatives

yr4Our Year 4 MCM representatives are Poppy and Scott.

Poppy: I am kind and helpful. If someone is hurt, I will help them as much as I can.

Scott: I think I will make the school a better place by listening to my classmates and representing their views.  

Yr 3 MCM Representatives

yr3Our Year 3 MCM representatives are George and Gracie.

George: I will work hard and help the MCM to make the school a better place.  

Gracie: I will follow the Golden Rules and help the school. I will listen to what everybody has to say.

Infant Representatives

yr2Our Infant MCM representatives are Ava-Joan and Huxley.

Ava-Joan: I am kind and helpful and I tidy up after other people. I am very good at listening to others.

Huxley: I think I am helpful, kind and a good listener.