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Primary School

Learning to bee the best that we can bee!

Our House Captains

Our House Captains are in year six and each captain was voted in by their other house team members in an election, after preparing a speech. In Friday assembly the House Point Cup is awarded to the house team that has earned the most house points during the week, and the house captains come out in front of the school (with their house teddy!) and collect the cup on behalf of their team. On Junior Sports Day if you have any worries you can always ask the house captains and they will be very supportive. We asked all of our House Captains why they are pleased to be a House Captain.


Our Drake house captains are Harvey and Amelia.

Harvey: "I'm fair and will cheer the team on in sports days. If we lose a race, I will be there to help my team members get ready for the next race.This year Drake will win!"

Amelia: "I think that I will be really supportive in every way I can be. I'm really good at different sports and I will cheer my team on in sports day. This year Drake will win!"


Our Nelson house captains are Gabby and Archie.

Gabby: "I think that I can support the team in all the best ways and make sure everyone is included. I've always wanted to be house captain since year 3."

Archie: "I've always wanted to be house captain for Nelson because I'm sporty and feel like I could make a difference. In Sports Day we've lost all the times I've been in the Juniors so this year I'm going to knock Mr Trent off his perch!"


Our Hood captains are Freddie and Lauren. 

Freddie: "I think I will be a good house captain because I think I can help us fight through battles for the sports day trophy!"

Lauren: "I will be a good house captain for Hood because I will support them and I'm really good at sports especially running."


Our Raleigh house captains are Jaz and Oliver.

Oliver: "Because I will support my team and help them if they need help with anything."

Jaz: "I think I will be a good house captain because I will support my house team on every sports day. I will also make sure Raleigh win!"