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Primary School

Learning to bee the best that we can bee!


Our library is run at lunchtime by our year 6 librarians. We interviewed them to see why they love being librarians!


Alexia: "Because I love to read and I want to inspire everybody especially children that are younger than me to want to read more. I also like to help people out on how to choose their books and I like to help people out!"



Amelie: "Because I'm a good reader and I like to help people to find their favourite book. I want want to inspire people younger than me to love books as much as me!"


Chloe: "Because I like reading books and I wanted to be one seeing every other librarian doing their jobs. I also wanted to inspire people to read more. I wanted to help other people find the books that are right for them!"


Tillie: "I wanted to be a librarian because I looked up to last year's librarians and I saw how amazing they were and I think I am kind, caring and enthusiastic!"


Poppy: "I wanted to be a librarian because I'm kind and caring and I work well with the other librarians. I have also a strong passion for books and I would like to inspire others to read more!"


Rayan: "I wanted to be a librarian because I have a strong interest in books . I have joined every extra curricular activity related to books!"