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Learning to bee the best that we can bee!

20 Need-to-know Facts About Aldingbourne


20 things you need to know about our wonderful school

1. Our last Ofsted was in 2017 and we were judged to be GOOD or BETTER in all areas.

2. We are a rural village primary school with a PAN (pupil admission number) of 210. Currently we have 212 children on roll, 110 boys & 102 girls.

3. We have 9 teaching staff, 11 teaching assistants, 2 office staff, 1 premises manager and 3 cleaners.

4. The school is a National Support School (NSS) and the Headteacher is a National Leader in Education (NLE).

5. Within the school 8% of our children (18, 9 boys and 9 girls) qualify for pupil premium. This is made up of 3% FSM (Free School Meals) and 5% other. 7% of our children (14) are on the SEND (special educational needs & disability) register and a further 2% of children (4) have English as an additional language (EAL).

6. In 2019 we achieved the following results (Red represents National Average Score)


Key stage 2

Reading Met 73% (73%)

Reading High Attainers 33% (27%)

GPS Met 80% (78%)

GPS High Attainers 27% (36%)

Writing Met 87% (78%)

Writing High Attainers 6% (20%)

Maths Met 90% (79%)

Maths High Attainers 43% (27%)

Reading, Writing, Maths 73% (65%)

RWM High Attainers 6% (11%)

Average Scale Scores

Reading 107 (104)

Maths 107 (105)

GPS 107 (106)

Key stage 1

Reading Met 77% (75%)

Reading High Attainers 19% (25%)

Writing Met 74% (69%)

Writing High Attainers 3% (15%)

Maths Met 74% (76%)

Maths High Attainers 16% (22%)

Reading, Writing, Maths 74% (65%)

RWM High Attainers 0% (11%)

7. The % of expected progress made from KS1 to KS2

Reading -1.2 children made progress from KS1 to KS2 (Average)

Writing -2.6 children made progress from KS1 to KS2(Well Below Average)

Maths +1.2 children made progress from KS1 to KS2 (Average)

8. We scored 90%(82% NA)in the Year 1 phonics screening test.

9. In the Foundation Stage 81%(71% NA)of children achieved Good Level of Development (GLD).

10. Attendance for 2019 – 2020 was 93%

11. We adopt a creative ALPS style curriculum, which means we cater for all types of learners, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Our teaching styles are dynamic, creative, meaningful and exciting for the children. Our children love learning!

12. We have a full complement of Governors who are very supportive and effective in their roles.

13. We have a very active PTA who raise lots of money each year. Last year they raised £10,000 which contributed towards revamping our swimming pool area and adding a heating system. This will allow us to swim from May to October.

14. We have the most amazing school grounds which includes a giant castle and pirate boat, a rambling route around the entire field, a science garden, a reading bus, a swimming pool, a percussion playground, a tunnelling system, the most magnificent climbing rock and a funky 1950’s diner and a Mile a Day track. This year we are installing and outdoor gym area.

15. As a school we offer a wide range of after-school clubs. For example rugby, gymnastics, drama, art, dance, newspaper, kurling, gardening, games club, swimming club and lots lots more!

16. Phonics is a strength of the school and the Headteacher and Reception Class teacher have written a phonics scheme which has been published by Harper Collins and is used worldwide to teach phonics effectively.

17. The school has strong links with the University of Chichester, the local community and we work closely with other schools from West Sussex, Hampshire and East Sussex.

18. In our last OFSTED Aldingbourne school was described as a ‘fun place to be!’ OFSTED wrote ‘There is a buzz about the school-a happy vibe that spills out from every child and every classroom.’ We agree with this and we believe that Aldingbourne School is a fun and safe place to learn lots of new exciting things!

19. This year our new priorities are:-

Priority One – To ensure all children are back on track to reach their expected level or better based on their prior predictions and tracking.

Priority Two - To ensure the school’s current procedures are compliant with Government guidelines and are thorough, effective and provide a safe environment for all children, staff and parents.

Priority Three - To ensure all children and staff are supported in their mental health and well-being.

Priority Four – To ensure the staff have an in-depth knowledge of their allocated curriculum area in relation to coverage, intent, aims and teaching styles.

20. Our school mission statement states that…

…we are learning to Bee the best that we can Bee!

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