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Primary School

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Showing Off Week!

If you are planning your summer holiday over this term, can I please remind parents of children in Year 6 not to book holidays during May. This is the month that the children have the opportunity to ‘show off’ their talents during the

KS 2 tests. These take place on…

MONDAY 9th – 13th  MAY

The other junior classes also have the chance to ‘show-off’ during this month. Wherever possible, could you avoid ‘May time holidays’. As a school it is really important that all children have the opportunity to show their teachers exactly what they can do!!!  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss this further.

On Tuesday 8th March at 6.00pm, Mrs  Corbett will be organising a SATS evening for Year 6 parents. Further details will follow with regards to the arrangements of the meeting.